office & co-work space

    • 2015
    • office & co-work space
    • 783 m²
    • Warsaw, Poland

    This new space on the third floor of the Braci Jabłkowskich department store was created to provide a bright and open space for several social innovation initiatives. The goal of the project was to design a space in which people could work individually or in groups, listen to or participate in debates and conferences both large and small, organise workshops, discussions and events. Bearing in mind the manifold functions of each area, our design allows for the effortless arrangement of space (shifting walls, mobile furniture and the possibility of dividing the conference room into three smaller spaces). The Dreamers and Craftsmen HQ is divided into three areas: the communal area, the co-working area and the events area. Everything from the inexpensive yet durable materials, to the partly recycled furniture and colour scheme were carefully selected to create an environment that would facilitate work, events organisation and interpersonal relations. Ultimately, the space is to be richly decorated with lush flora, creating a serene and welcoming atmosphere.