Baza Oaza pavilion

    • 2014
    • urban pavilon – a floral object and social "sculpture"
    • 84 m²
    • Warsaw, Poland

    The BAZA OAZA project was created with the aim of serving people living in big, modern cities. Cities that experience the constant change of urban needs and lifestyles. This permanent urban evolution is a response to the increasing pace of life and work mobility which results in the progressive erosion of neighborhood relationships. People used to meet in the courtyards, help each other with everyday issues. It is no longer a commodity nowadays. City inhabitants living in the ‘jungle’ of concrete and glass, try not to loose the contact with nature by growing various plants at homes. What should one do with their plants in a situation of a longer trip? Not long ago, people would ask neighbors for help, today this problem is solved by BAZA OAZA – the city ‘hotel’ for plants.